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At XOP we know how important it is to shave ounces when packing deep into the timber. The Edge treestand was designed to take on your most intense and mobile saddle hunts. By utilizing a shortened version of our ultra-light, I-Beam and a smaller more streamlined platform we were able to decrease weight and increase portability.

The Edge uses Slot-Lock technology to easily carry your climbing tools. Ultra-Grip texture increases traction between your boot and the surface of the platform. Additionally, the Edge leveling system allows you to stand on a surface adjustable to the pitch of any tree.


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  • • Weight: 5.4lbs
    • Weight Rating: 350lbs
    • Platform Dimensions: 13.75" x 11"
    • I-Beam Height: 9.5"
    • Material: Cast aluminum
    • Grip: Ultra-Grip traction
    • Adjustment: Fully leveling platform
    • Certifications: ASTM F2128, F2126, F2125, F2531
    • Warranty: Manufacturer Lifetime Metal

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