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PlotStart is a spray that provides instantly available calcium to the soil and plants. Historically, lime has been the source of calcium. However, with traditional lime taking months to activate and liquid lime only lasting a single season, PlotStart begins working the moment it touches the ground and provides available calcium for years to come. The 2.5 gallon of PlotStart will cover up to two (2) acres. PlotStart can be applied at or before planting to both tilled and untilled ground. It also can be applied to perennial plots, trees, and shrubs to give the soil and plants a needed boost.

PlotStart™ will enhance your food plots and plantings by:

• Lime equivalency rate: 2.5 gallons = 1 ton of lime
• Adjusts soil pH 3x faster than lime
• Increases plant germination
• Increases nutrient (NPK) availability for plants
• Increases calcium for seedlings

PlotStart™ Shelf Life: 4 Years




PlotBoost is a spray applied to actively growing plants to promote better growth and fertilizer uptake, greater resistance to drought, disease and insects, and increased nutrient capacity leading to healthier and bigger deer. The 32-ounce bottle will cover up to two (2) acres, and can be applied with hand-pump, backpack, ATV/UTV, or tractor sprayers.

PlotBoost™ will enhance your food plot and plantings by:

• Boosts food plot yield
• Reduces negative herbicide yield drags
• Increases plant’s ability to take up nutrients
• Increases water update & drought tolerance
• Increases disease and insect tolerance
• Can be mixed in tank directly with herbicides
• Can be applied 3x per year

PlotBoost™ Shelf Life: 4 Years

PlotStart™ & PlotBoost™ Combo Pack (1acre)

  • All products are shipped to our Stevens Point location and can be picked up or delivered for a fee.  We will coordinate with you and make it easy to get products in your hands. 

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