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CURATE your land

Here to serve YOU

From excavation & construction to
habitat improvement & design,

Rooted Land Management can
get it done.


You want it, you got it.

Everything you need and more...


Land Clearing

We can clear practically anything you need, from a 1 acre brushy area to hundreds of acres of woods. We have the team and equipment to tackle it all.

How we work

What to expect from the first phone call to completed project


Initial Contact. 

Phone, email, or in-person. Talk through project goals, etc.


Site Visit.

We come out to your property to gather more information about the project and assess.


Begin work.

We show up with our equipment and get to work.


Final assessment.

Once the project is complete we do a walkthrough with you to make sure you're satisfied with the final product. We shake hands and exchange final payment and you enjoy your new playground.

Common questions

Before we get going...

Do you bring the equipment?
Yes, and it's big and loud and super fun to operate.
How much does it cost?
It depends...
How long does it take?
Another answer...
Can I mix and match services?
Another answer...
Another question?
Another answer...

Still have questions?

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